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Energy-Release Ball

Energy-Release Ball

Energy-Release Ball

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Every day, 1 in 4 pets experience anxiety and boredom.

When they are left alone or not taken out for regular walks, play and exercise, they build pent-up energy, stress and this leads to severe destructive behavioural problems, loss of appetite and a shorter life span.

Introducing our new, original Dog Ball - one of the highest quality pet toys produced!

Designed to automatically roll around at a touch, keeps dogs fully engaged and on the chase!

The bright color catches their attention and curiosity while our Hunt-Instinct™ technology, sets the ball to roll in 3-8 second intervals.

This speaks to our dogs on a instinctual, genetic level, mimicking how they chase for prey or each other in the wild.

While at the same time allowing ample time for rest so they don't over-exhaust themselves while playing! 

You also get the full set of colored covers with your order (and yes, the covers are machine-wash safe!

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